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Introduction to this site

This website is designed for persons who hear voices and people interested in helping people who hear voices. It contains general and specific information. Most people who hear voices have no problem with them and may find them very helpful. For example, the authors Hilary Mantel and Sara Maitland have spoken about the influence of voices on their work. Paul Baker’s website is a forum to celebrate these positive voices (along with help for troubling voices). However, many people who hear voices experience them as an unwanted intrusion and this site is designed to help this group. We have many years of experience and we hope this site can be of use to practitioners, voice hearers and carers.

Hilary Mantel spoke about her voices in the film ‘Voices in my head’ produced and directed by David Malone, for channel 4, in 2005.

About the the website’s author

Keith Coupland is a nurse consultant with 25 years experience of working with persons experiencing psychosis and their carers. Keith has experienced psychosis, including hearing voices. His partner, Vicky Macdougall has worked as a social worker and has long experience of working with people with psychosis and borderline personality disorder. Vicky and Keith have five children and seven grandchildren between them.

Vicky Macdougall has worked with voice hearers for many years, one of whom is Susie Wild who has become a trainer and practitioner. Both have contributed to this site.

We also wish to thank the following for their contributions to this site: Eric Davis and Kate Edgar clinical psychologists; also David White, a voice hearer from Gloucestershire, who assisted in making videos.

Email Keith at keith.coupland@btinternet.com


The content of this website is for information purposes only and is not intended to be a substitute for medical consultation with a qualified professional.

Although we carefully review our content, we cannot take responsibility for the medical accuracy of documents we publish, nor can we assume any liability for the content of websites linked to our site.

This page updated: 4/1/2011