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Information For Voices Group Participants, Carers And Practitioners

The voices group will meet at Milsom Street Day Centre, Milsom St. Cheltenham. The aims of the group are:

  1. For voice hearers to be able to meet each other in a group setting for mutual support
  2. To share experiences of voice hearing
  3. To explore different ways of managing and coping with the voices using a problem solving approach.
  4. To feel the fellowship of other voice hearers.
  5. To feel a sense of recovering.

Group Size
We aim for a group size of 6-8 people.

The group will meet weekly on a Thursday at 1.30pm at Milsom Street Day Centre.
There will be 12 meetings containing the same group of people (a mix of women and men). Sometimes a new member my join the group or a member may leave the group.

The group will be facilitated by Ceri Jones (Milsom St. manager) and Keith Coupland (Nurse Consultant), external supervision for Ceri and Keith will be provided by the Gloucestershire Hearing Voices Groups Supervision network.

We would like to see if any changes in voice hearing or other changes that occur as a result of people attending the voices group. We would be grateful if group members could complete some questionnaires prior to the group starting and also when the group ends.

Content of Group Sessions
Education about voices and what helps to cope with them. Group members will be encouraged to share their own ways of coping. Group members may wish to see certain topics covered such as a discussion about medication. Outside speakers can be arranged. An agenda for each session will be negotiated and minutes of the previous session read.

Length of Group Session
This will be approximately 1½ hours with a break of 15 mins for coffee and biscuits after 45 mins.

Further Information
If you require further information contact:

Keith Coupland 01594 823941
Ceri Jones, Milsom Street 01242 512812