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Challenging Questions Sheet for Difficult Beliefs

Below is a list of questions to be used in helping you challenge your difficult beliefs. Not all questions will be appropriate for the belief you choose to challenge. Answer as many questions as you can for the belief you have chosen to challenge below.


Belief: .........................................................

  1. What is the evidence for and against this idea?
  2. Are you confusing a habit or a belief, with a fact?
  3. Are your interpretations of the situation "too way out" to really be accurate?
  4. Are you thinking in all-or-nothing terms, 100% sure instead of, well "quite sure"?
  5. Are you using words or phrases that are extreme or exaggerated? (such as; always, forever, never, should, must, can't and every time).
  6. Are you taking selected examples out of context?
  7. Are you making excuses by believing in this thing? (for example; I'm not afraid, I just don't want to go out!).
  8. Is the source of information reliable?
  9. Are you thinking in terms of certainties instead of probabilities (something MUST happen, rather than something MIGHT happen)?
  10. Are you confusing a low probability (a very unlikely thing to happen), with a high probability (something that is most likely to happen)?
  11. Are your judgements based on your feelings and thoughts rather than facts?
  12. Are you focusing on small things in your life rather than important things?


Add some more challenges of your own: