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I have been asked to share some of my video resources on the subject of "psychosis" -it is a selective list organized under such titles as subjective experience and recovery, open dialogue, CBT, psychodynamic, medication, etc. I have not included the neuroscience resources and my own analysis of such (as addressed in a recent talk at NYU). I hope this resource proves to be helpful to many people in the ISPS community.

Brian Koehler

Videos Resources on Psychosis: Subjective Experiences, Recovery, Medication, Psychosocial Therapies, etc.- Spring 2017

Brian Koehler PhD

New York University p TC, Columbia University

Subjective Experience & Recovery

Elyn Saks, Debra Lampshire and Paris Williams are all world experts on mental health. Theyp using their personal experiences and working in their respective fields to debunk the myths and stigma surrounding schizophrenia. 2016 28 minutes

Trailer: Surviving "Schizophrenia" 2015 4 minutes

2015 Yale Symposium - Larry Davidson, PhD 24 minutes
Foundation for Excellence in Mental Health Care

John Read: Who is Right, Psychiatrists or Patients? - Oct.20, 2015 - CPH-U 1 hour 33 minutes

Interview: Rachel Waddingham Mad in America 2016 6 minutes

Rai Waddingham: One The Edge? Working With Taboo & Violent Voices ISPS UK 2014 50 minutes

Dr. John Nash - A Nobel Prize Talking 2012 29 minutes (at 21 minutes Nash talks about his diagnosis and recovery)

Navigating brilliance and madness: Sascha Altman DuBrul at TEDxHunterCCS 2013 18 minutes

Psychosis: Bending Reality to See Around the Corners | Paul Fletcher | TEDxCambridgeUniversity 12 minutes

Connecting to Madness | Jim van Os | TEDxMaastricht 14 minutes

Five phases of psychosis 2 minutes PsychoseNet

Take These Broken Wings -- Recovery from Schizophrenia without Medication (FULL FILM) Daniel Mackler 2014 1 hour 15 minutes

HEALING HOMES: recovery from psychosis without medication (FULL FILM) Daniel Mackler 14 minutes 2014

Hearing Voices in Accra and Chennai: How Culture Makes a Difference to Psychiatric Experiences Tanya Luhrmann 21 minutes

The Foundation for Psychocultural Research

Olga Runciman - Hearing Voices Network Denmark - February 5, 2013

The voices in my head | Eleanor Longden Ted Talk 14 minutes

Gail Hornstein: Why don't mental health professionals take first-hand accounts of madness seriously? 2012 21 minutes

Compassion Mind Training

Compassion for Voices: a tale of courage and hope. 5 minutes

A film about the compassionate approach to relating with voices, with potential for use as a therapeutic, educational, and de-stigmatising tool.

Social Factors

Brian Koehler on “Social Factors in Schizophrenia,” New York University, February 30, 2016-1 hour 50 minutes

Sir Robin Murray - The Environmental Causes of Schizophrenia – Developmental Hazards, Social Defeat, 2015 1 hour 3 minutes

Robin Murray on " 100 Years of Schizophrenia - Is This Enough?" 2016 29 minutes

Mad in America

Human Rights

A Human Rights Lawyer's Perspective on the Mental Health System

Jim Gottstein 2012 45 minutes

CBT & Psychosis

Dr. Aaron T. Beck, ISPS, NYC, 2015 -43 minutes

Password ISPS2015

Cognitive Restructuring in Schizophrenia-Aaron Tim Beck 2014 4 minutes

Beck Institute for Cognitive Behavior Therapy

CBT Psychosis Techniques Professor Douglas Turkington 2014 8 minutes

Cognitive therapy for psychosis - introduction

David Kingdon 2013 5 minutes

Cognitive therapy for psychosis - delusions

David Kingdon 2013 6 minutes

Cognitive therapy for psychosis - negative symptoms

David Kingdon 2013 7 minutes

Cognitive therapy for psychosis - voices

David Kingdon 2013 9 minutes

Using Cognitive Therapy for Psychosis-Ron Unger (full2008) 1 hour 52 minutes

Avatar Therapy

Silencing Voices - Julian Leff 1/4 (EMH 2013) 3 minutes Avatar Therapy-see all 4 parts

Acceptance & Commitment Therapy

Demons on the boat - an Acceptance & Commitment Therapy (ACT) Metaphor 2009 4 minutes

Psychodynamic Psychotherapy & Psychosis

CHESTNUT LODGE, PACK, And Dr. MICHAEL WOODBURY, MD - Dr. Ann-Louise S. Silver - Pck 2014 44 minutes

The "stoppage of time" due to intergenerational trauma - Dr Francoise Davoine 2015 @1 minute

SELF PSYCHOLOGY and PSYCHOSIS at 19th International Meeting of ISPS, New York, March 21,2015

Ira Steinman and David Garfield 56 minutes

Ira Steinman MD FINAL 720p 2013 43 minutes

A new perspective for treating psychosis: Danielle Bergeron at TEDxUdeM 2012 16 minutes (click CC for English subtitles)

Clarence G. Schulz, M.D. - Part IV - Harry Stack Sullivan's Interpersonal Theory: Early Influences 2014 11 minutes

Clarence G. Schulz, M.D. - Part V - Harry Stack Sullivan: Treatment Innovations 2013 12 minutes

Clarence G. Schulz, M.D. - Part VI - Sullivan's Interpersonal Theory Explained Further 2013 7 minutes

Annita Sawyer, Ph.D., “Is Diagnosis Destiny?” Presented at the 9th Annual Yale NEA-BPD Conference, May 10, 2013, Yale University School of Medicine, New Haven, CT. 43 minutes

Can Psychoanalysis Treat Psychosis? 2017 1 hour 45 minutes

Psychotherapy with Psychotic Patients - Part 1Neville Symington 9 minutes (there are many parts to this talk found on youtube)

Jung's Understanding of Schizophrenia - Yehuda Abramovitch, M.D. - IAAP 2013 CPH - August 22, 2013 30 minutes

Dialogue between psychosocially oriented and more traditional psychiatric viewpoints

The Role of Psychotherapy in the Age of Neuroreceptors and Genes 2010

Roundtable discussion with Brian Koehler, Ze'ev Levin, Charles Marmar, and Ira Steinman.1 hour 52 minutes

Open Dialogue

OPEN DIALOGUE: an alternative Finnish approach to healing psychosis (COMPLETE FILM) Daniel Mackler 2014 1 hour 14 minutes

Open Dialogue UK 2016 Conference 23 minutes

7 Principles of Open Dialogue

Jaakko Seikkula - 7 Principles of Open Dialogue - DK 3 - Roskilde- August 29, 2014 46 minutes (subtitled)

Abup talks - Jaakko Seikkula - "Open Dialogue” 2015 13 minutes

Open Dialogue presentation: New approaches to mental health services 2015 1 hour 8 minutes


2015 Yale Symposium - Martin Harrow, PhD 35 minutes

Foundation for Excellence in Mental Health Care

2015 Yale Symposium - Lex Wunderink, MD, PhD 38 minutes

Foundation for Excellence in Mental Health Care